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A new version of the AM application manager for AppImage is available. AM is an application manager that functions as an installer, updater, and AppImage manager and takes inspiration from AUR. It currently contains over 1900 AppImage packages and official standalone applications for GNU/Linux, which are derived from tar and zip archives.

"AM" 6.13

Major improvements aimed at speeding up the addition of new apps

At this moment the database contains 2059 installation scripts for the x86_64 architecture, which is equivalent to approximately 2050 programs, of which at least 1900 are AppImage packages!

And with this release, the number is destined to increase more and more, guaranteeing our users the transparency and availability of sources, through the options -a (get information about the apps), -d (download the installation script) and out site

This release will make it much easier for us all to upload installation scripts for archived programs and standalone binaries (option "-t" or "template", select "2").

Option "-t", template for the selection 2 (archives, scripts and various programs)

The new script already incorporates support for 7z, tar and zip archives, and can also be used to install AppImage packages that do not require launchers. In fact, adding a launcher for this template is optional. The icon must be downloaded via a URL, which if not available, will be replaced by the icons available on

Release "AM" 6.13 · ivan-hc/AM