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Website Blocking Due To Adblockers

Has anybody else noticed a recent influx of websites that redirect you to an ADBLOCKER page ?!? Seems to me that it's becoming more and more of a real problem but I guess that is their right to do so, it's their website.
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AMD continues to be innovative! Matrix Video!

AMD has a cool new tradeshow web site that I posted a thread on yesterday, but this is even cooler! If you go to the site (virtualexperience. amd. com/show) and go to the AMD booth. Click on the big processor in the background.
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AMD IT Virtual Experience

This is not really Windows CE or PDA related, but for those of you in the enterprise realm, Microsoft has a virtual trade show booth you can visit on a new AMD virtual trade show web site. There are lots of videos to watch and white papers to download and you can even register and get a free AMD t-shirt.
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Anyone with good design skills interested in showing off your work and designing a cool signature for me to use in various forums? I will email you a few pictures of my case and would like you to include whichever one you want and incorporate my specs into the sig.
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Google is Hiring Technical Project and People Managers (all locations)

Hi there. . . Google is hiring technical project and people managers at several locations around the country and internationally. Google is also hiring experienced Linux sysadmins for Portland, OR. (All positions require 3/4+ years of Linux!) Please see the job descriptions below: Please be in touch if you are inte ...
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World Cup 2006

The World Cup will be upon us soon. Good luck to all the countries that made it in. May the best country win!.
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Finland wins Eurovision!

Finnish heavy metal band Lordi (song Hard Rock Hallelujah) has won the 51st Eurovision Song Contest by 292(!) points. At last, I say (Finland's highest rank in eurovision has been 6th, in 1973). .
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Friday the 13th

Have your day been different than the other days? Mine has not, yet. Something to read about:. .
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Online or Offline?

I need some help, well I'm makeing is paper for school I need know what people think about online and offline games for the computer. 1. How many people like to play online games? 2. How many people like offline games? 3.
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Online Gaming Questionnaire

Could I ask for my questionnaire about Online Gaming to be filled out? All information gathered will be used as part of a degree course in Network Technology. I am also asking for age and country in order to perform further analysis using that information.
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What happened with The Home of Underdogs ??

Hi people I´m trying to access the Home of The Underdogs website, but the browser directs me to one of those annoying pages that leads you to nothing but a lot of advertisements. What happened ?? Is it out of service ? Try:.
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Do you ever get frustrated when your hard drive dies?

I found these pictures on my hard drive and I thought you all might enjoy taking a look at them. This hard drive died, and one of my customers asked me what we did with the dead drives. I told him target practice, and he laughed.
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DosBox 0.65 has been released!

Quote:DOSBox 0. 65 Yes it's been a while but we finally decided to release a new version. Quite a few changes have been made since last version, a few of the more important ones. 4/15/16/32bpp VESA mode support Lot's of fixes for better vga compatibility Improved CGA composite output Added video capturing to avi Im ...
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WinMX is back

The WinMX community is back, the files are back, and the users are taking a stand. . It is time for the RIAA to understand that they cannot destroy filesharing by intimidation any longer. They may be able to bully Corporations, but the users are not going to sit by and let it happen.
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System shutdown

I recently had some blue screens coming out once a week , as I tried reinstalling the windows to see if this would resolve the problem but it has not , there for I checked out some diffrent sites and FAQ's with guides to solve the problem , a short notice later I cam by a program that would check the fan speed of m ...
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Help with a motherbord !!! pls

i have on old pc like 4 years or + so. . its an old intel 333 mhz if i remeber ht eproblem is. . that i dont have any manual for the motherbord. . i tyd to search info about the mother bord. . but the only thing i know that is pac-2002.
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How hot does a Notebook PC run?

Just concerned about something. I recently bought a Notebook PC (Neo Q-Note Endura 350SL, Celeron 1. 3GHz, 256MB RAM, Sis M661MX + SiS 963L Chipset, 40GB Hard Disk), and after just a few days of use, it runs quite hot.
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Stop that spammer.

This person/bot yutao is really spamming all across net: Including NT Compatible's forums. .
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E-Mail problem need help quickly

gef4000 mx
I cannot access my e-mail through aol. com or yahoo. com or pretty much anywhere else I have tried many ways to try to get it to work but none so far have worked i used to have regular dial-up then switched to regular cable now i switched again to high-speed cable ( which isn't working which is why i need e-mail fo ...
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