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forum ideas

Phillip I have a request for you to consider please. Firstly you're doing a great job maintaining the forum however we've all noticed the increase of spamming occuring, especially in resurrecting zombie threads.
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Problems in installing windows NT4

Hi please help me coz im having a problem installing windows nt4 in a pentium4 3. 0Ghz 2Gb memory server. Is there any hardware compatibility issues on windows nt4?.
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Search Function

Hi Everyone From the old version of NT Compatible web site there used to be a search facility from which you could search all articles or drives section or any section or all sections. I can't seem to find this facility anymore.
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Avatar not recognize me!

Smiling Spectre
Hello! I'm not too often visit this site, and, AFAIR, only theme, that I wrote was Magic the Gathering on XP. So I found this only now: When I enters forum and write my message, it's ok. After I close session and leave forum, I need to enter my logon again.
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Color suggestions

Happy new year ! A suggestion for the color theme on the front page: - Instead of only carrying a visible header for the day (Border with background-color), then there should be a visible header for each news-item (Especially since the font-color for the news-item is the same of a normal link, making everything flo ...
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Untitled thread

Hi, please remove the abusive post in your forums and your front page. . . Thank you Chris.
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MySQL Error Message

Philip, I just clicked on a link in the new threads this morning and received the following error message: Quote:Error: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Mya' AND plonk_date > ('2005-08-23')' at line 1 Here ...
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Page numbers

Is it possible to get rid of the 1-300+ page numbers. Most sites do the standard 1-10, and then have the Next Page, Last Page options. I doubt anyone actually clicks through each and every page. . . unless they are really really bored.
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S3 Twister Drivers

S3 has released Windows 2000/XP drivers for their Twister chipset. Thanks Mark. .
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

Somebody pushed the History Eraser Button

There must have been a train wreck of considerable magnitude here with APK. Not only has his account disabled, but all his posts ever made have been deleted. I don't have any issues with his account being disabled, anyone that has been visiting here for more than a few months has probably seen it coming.
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SQL syntax error

I get SQL syntax error 1064 on these pages: FF 1. 04 and IE 6. Quote:Error: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's' AND plonk_date > ('2005-06-27')' at line 1.
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Crazy Frog

Im not usually easily annoyed but I just have to say that the Crazy Frog/Axel F advert on the site has really got to me! There I was just browsing some posts and BOOM - that ******ing tune came out of my speakers! Im all for adverts (i appreciate the situation) but could we have an advert with no sound? I know I co ...
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GTA VC page 'corrupts' site.

The link to Gta Vice City problem:\ causes 'corruption' of the page: Pictures do not work and the whole site on that page goes nuts. Like if I try to open Norton Virus Definitions May 29 page from Latest Web News, I get: Etc.
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Accessing the News Archive

Really like the new frontpage layout with the grouping by subject within in each day. Are there any plans to make the News Archive more user friendly ? It would be nice on a Monday morning to be able to look at previous news on a day by day basis, rather than a large list of headlines grouped by month ? Just a thought.
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Weird black bar on one thread

I noticed that on one thread (Machine Check: Regs in event viewer on boot :: ), the right bar (where the Main Menu, User, Sponsor, Site Search, Google Ad Links, News Feeds, Users Online and Links are located) is totally black.
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Database Search Improvemewnt

The compatibilty database search would be much more useful if it permitted viewing/searching by manufacturer. Often I know who makes a device, but if it is entered in the database with a different name it can be hard to find.
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Automatic closing/locking of old threads

It seems that, lately, there have been posting to old threads (some have been years old). The forum would automatically lock/close old threads e. g. after n weeks/months(/years), so the mod(s) do not freak out.
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Request: Ability to change usernames

It's all in the title really. If this feature is not possible (for whatever reason) then may I ask an admin to change my username for me please?.
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change userid or delete account?

I was wondering how I can either change my userid or delete my account on ntcompatible. com so I can create a new userid. Thanks. .
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