Yzis M1 released
Posted on: 04/21/2004 04:08 AM

Yzis M1 has been released

The Yzis team is proud to release Yzis M1, the first milestone of the Yzis editor. Yzis is a vi compatible editor which aims at providing a reusable vi engine. The engine may be used inside the editor component of other applications or directly as a vi-like editor.

Yzis already contains a KDE and a NCurses GUI frontend. The vi-engine is available as a KDE component (kpart), usable in Quanta, KDevelop.

Yzis is however not tied to KDE and could be used in other environments (Gnome, windows, ...)

Yzis is not yet usable in a day-to-day work. The milestone one is a proof-of-concept, to give a taste of the future. It features:
* a vi engine backend available as a shared library
* a text GUI based on ncurses
* a KDE GUI with kpart component
* a reusable KDE text editing component (support for the KTextEditor interface)
* multi-buffer support
* syntax highlighting based on Kate engine (experimental)
* undo/redo (partly working) support
* a set of unit tests based on cppunit
* copy/paste and registers support
* internationalisation support with french, english and dutch


Debian packages are available through apt-get with

deb ftp://download.yzis.org/yzis ./

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