Yelp 2.9.1
Posted on: 11/01/2004 04:43 PM

Yelp 2.9.1 has been released

Yelp 2.9.1, "New Day", is now available for your testing pleasure. This is the first unstable release in the 2.9.x development series, leading up to the stable 2.10 release. If you've been yearning for new features since Gnome 2.6, prepare to be excited.

Executive summary of exciting new stuff:

* Switch to Gecko for HTML rendering, thanks to Marco Pesenti Gritti
* Popup menus on links, thanks to Don Scorgie
* Working Copy menu item, thanks to Don Scorgie
* Firefox-style Find toolbar
* Hidden 'Open Location' dialog
* Drag and drop from the contents sidebar
* Nearly everything responds to theme and font changes
* Preferences for fonts
* Using XSLT from gnome-doc-utils
* Icon-themeable admonition graphics
* Icon-themeable watermarks for blockquote and programlisting
* Hooked up pager cancellation and stubs for reload
* Lots of man page work by James Bowes
* Better history handling when pages error out
* Switch to GtkUIManager
* Switch to GtkAboutDialog


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