Yelp 2.16.1 Released
Posted on: 10/03/2006 08:57 AM

Yelp 2.16.1 is now available from an FTP mirror near you. Yelp is the program that appears from the mist when you click the Help button in your favourite GNOME application.

Changed in 2.16.1:
* Set initial caret state properly in prefs (Don Scorgie)
* Fix build with gecko trunk (Christian Persch)
* Prefer xulrunner over mozilla (Chrisitan Persch)
* Updated Translations:
el: Kostas Papadimas
en_GB: David Lodge
gl: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
it: Luca Ferretti
ka: Vladimer Sichinava
mg: Thierry Randrianiriana
sl: Matic Zgur
wa: Pablo Saratxaga

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