Yelp 2.14.0 Released
Posted on: 03/14/2006 09:59 AM

Yelp 2.14.0 is now available from an FTP mirror near you.

Yelp is the program that appears from the mist when you click the Help button in your favorite Gnome app.

This is the first release in the new stable series, 2.14.

Yelp has seen several major changes since the last stable version, including:
* Search (including fallback search if beagle is not available)
* Man page viewer (enabled by default)
* GNU Info page viewer w/ entries in the TOC (enabled by default)
* Speed improvements (esp. related to man pages)

This release contains mostly bug fixes and translations updates since the last unstable version, 2.13.6.

Yelp 2.14.0

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