Yellow Dog Linux 4.1
Posted on: 03/10/2006 04:32 PM

Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 is now available on public FTP servers

This next evolution of Yellow Dog provides an incredible array of updates and improvements, the foundation for the most complete, integrated release to date:

Support for backlit keys.
PCMCIA cell phone and modem support.
Support for Atheros wi-fi cards.
Dual head config via the GUI.
Install direct to and boot from FireWire drives.
USB device auto-mount under both KDE GNOME.
Greatly improved sound support.
Graphical Up2Date package install and update tool.
Support for the latest Apple PowerBooks.
Beta support for Apple G5 PowerMacs with dual core CPUs.
Basic 64-bit development and runtime support.

... and a completely rebuilt KDE and Gnome "start" menu for vastly improved navigation of the graphical user interface.

Download CD 1
Download CD 2
Download CD 3
Download CD 4

NOTE: All four images are needed for installation

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