XOsoft releases beta version of WANSync for the Linux platform
Posted on: 09/03/2003 10:09 PM

XOsoft releases beta version of WANSync™ for the Linux platform - The Federal Reserve Board first to evaluate WANSync for Linux as expansion to current WANSync deployment

New York, NY, September 3, 2003 - XOsoft, a leading provider of Business Continuity software solutions, today announced that it has released a new beta version of WANSync for the Linux platform. WANSync, which until recently supported Windows and SunOS-based platforms, is a state-of-the-art WAN-based application integrity and availability solution. WANSync ensures seamless availability by synchronizing entire application and database servers to remote replicas, and keeping them fresh and available with continuous, real-time replication. With the new beta release, the same level of business continuity can now be attained in Linux-based environments.

The amount of freedom afforded by solutions based on open source, their low cost and the fast pace of innovation that they encourage have driven the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, like many other organizations, to make investments in Linux-based infrastructure. Given the peace of mind it has achieved using WANSync on its Windows-based servers so far, it seems only natural that the Federal Reserve Board would be compelled expand its existing disaster recovery solution by adding WANSync security to its Linux-based servers.

“WANSync’s performance has always proven to be very high,” says Jerald Brown, a senior communications analyst with the Federal Reserve Board. “It presents negligible bandwidth overhead during server replication to our remote office over T3 lines,” he adds. “Even when network equipment malfunctions, we’ve seen WANSync just keep on working, securing server files without any noticeable problems. We’re obviously interested in the same level of security and business continuity for our Linux-based servers.”
“XOsoft has always made it its goal to lead the business continuity market,” says Leonid Shtilman, Founder and CEO of XOsoft Inc. “In keeping with that tradition, I am proud to say that WANSync is the very first solution of its kind available for the Linux platform”. He goes on to say that, “the WANSync solutions chosen by the Federal Reserve represent the most advanced WAN-based application integrity and availability platform on the market. Ensuring seamless availability, WANSync synchronizes entire application servers and constantly replicates updates and changes to either local or remote replicas in real time. Should a server fail for any reason, a geographically remote WANSync replica will simply take its place and provide the fastest path to recovery.”

About the Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. Today, the Federal Reserve's duties fall into the following areas: conducting the United State's monetary policy, supervising and regulating banking institutions and protecting the credit rights of U.S. consumers, maintaining the stability of the United States’ financial system and providing certain financial services to the U.S. government, the American public, financial institutions, and foreign official institutions.

About XOsoft
Founded in 1999, XOsoft is the first provider of business continuity software solutions that enable instantaneous recovery from any type of disaster, including common data corruptions. The company’s patent-pending Rewind™ technology, embedded in all XOsoft products, is the only business continuity software solution that allows enterprises to quickly and easily “undo” application and database corruptions by rewinding affected data resources to their latest consistent state before corruptions took place.

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