XoL - Diskless X office Linux 17.00o.BETA released
Posted on: 01/12/2004 04:52 AM

XoL - Diskless X office Linux 17.00o.BETA has been released

antitachyon - Manalo Willner OEG (http://www.antitachyon.com) proudly announces the release of XoL - Diskless X office Linux 17.00o BETA. Website of the distribution: http://www.sol-linux.com

XoL is a brand new product based on the technology of SoL - Server optimized Linux and OoL - Office optimized Linux which are available worldwide and free for download since 2002.

The most important feature of XoL is that it is a diskless Linux system which does not have to be installed on the computer system in order to run. This offers the possibility to use the power of Linux in a very safe environment that can not be destroyed. No data is written onto any hard drive unless the user really wants to save it. XoL was designed for everyone who wants to try Linux, cares about security, and wants to get a feeling for the power of Open Source software. XoL offers the two most powerful Open Source desktop environments on just one CDROM: KDE and GNOME. The user can choose which desktop should be used when running XoL. This gives the freedom to choose the desktop environment which fits best to the personal needs of the user.

The software that comes with XoL is more than 2,5GB of raw data; these are more than 1500 programs and applications for home, office and educational use:
* Windowmanager: KDE 3.1.3 and GNOME 2.2 desktop environment
* Office-Tools: Complete OpenOffice1.1.0 suite, KMail, KOrganizer, PDF-Viewr, KWrite, KEdit, Addressmanager, KNotes,...
* Multimedia: Gimp 1.3, xmms 1.2.7, MPlayer 0.92,...
This section features music from the Austrian bands: mind.in.a.box, blended and point.venus ; the video is from the band soyuz.
* Internet: MozillaFirebird 0.6.1, XChat 2.0.4, licq 1.2.7/ssl
* Education: KGeo, KmPlot, KvocTrainer, KTouch, Kalzium, KStars,...
* Games: KGolf, Patience, Ksokoban, Katomic,...
* Linux Kernel 2.4.22
* ...and hundreds more!

A special and very unique feature of XoL is called "remote-home". This offers the possibility to save and work on a USB-storage device plugged in the computer system. This feature opens a new world of computing. Whereever you go, all you need is the XoL-CD and your personal USB-storage device and any computer can be used to continue your work.

For offices, antitachyon provides a special XoL infrastructure service which combines the power of XoL, the server SoL and the application server software CIAAS and JASP to a diskless environment which is not prone to destruction, viruses and trojans.

XoL is available in english and german. The size of the ISO image for download is about 680MB. To download XoL please visit http://www.sol-linux.com/Content/XoL/, or you can order XoL from the SoL-webshop at http://shop.sol-linux.com. Please read the documentation about XoL on our website. Free support is available in the SoL community forum at http://forum.sol-linux.com. If you need commercial support please contact antitachyon.

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