XFree86 CVS for Red Hat 8.0
Posted on: 11/23/2002 10:47 PM

A new CVS snapshot of XFree86 has been released last week for Red Hat Linux 8.0.

The XFree86 RPM packages contained in these directories are RPM's created from the current head of the XFree86 CVS trunk, which is the developmental code which will eventually become XFree86 4.3.0. Since this is development code, it very much is in a state of flux, and can be totally broken at any point in time, or it can work just fine at any point in time.

This code is NOT intended for production systems, or important machines which require reliable software. These XFree86 releases are not released for end users to use and benefit from, but rather they're released so that guinea pigs willing to sacrifice their stable systems to test XFree86 out and report any bugs they find, will end up helping to contribute to the final XFree86 4.3.0 release being as stable as possible.

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