Xandros Desktop 2.5 Business Edition Review
Posted on: 08/18/2004 04:06 AM

Linux.com has posted a review on the Xandros Desktop 2.5 Business Edition

Xandros Desktop 2.5 represents the fourth release of the desktop GNU/Linux distribution formerly known as Corel Linux. Xandros prides itself on superior Windows compatibility, and to maintain that reputation it includes some hard-hitting tools for making Windows programs work well on GNU/Linux. It's a little on the expensive side as far as desktop distributions go, and it feels somewhat like a slightly watered-down version of Linspire, but Xandros 2.5 Business Edition definitely has its advantages.

Xandros now has four editions of their desktop GNU/Linux distribution: the Open
Circulation Edition, which is free to download via BitTorrent, but somewhat disabled; the Standard Edition which is the full Xandros distribution without CrossOver Office; the Deluxe Edition, which is more for the home desktop user; and the Business Edition, which is aimed at small/medium-sized businesses. The underlying operating system is mostly the same for all editions, but they are restricted to varying degrees of functionality. For this review I tested the Deluxe and Business editions, which are quite similar; the only significant difference I found was that OpenOffice.org 1.1 was replaced by Sun StarOffice 7 in the Business Edition.

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