Wine Staging 4.9 released
Posted on: 05/26/2019 07:02 AM

Wine Staging 4.9 based on the 4.9 development version of Wine has been released

Wine Staging 4.9 released

Wine Staging is the testing area of It contains bug fixes and features, which have not been integrated into the development branch yet. The idea of Wine Staging is to provide experimental features faster to end users and to give developers the possibility to discuss and improve their patches before they are integrated into the main branch. More information about Wine Staging can also be found on our website

Change log:
winebuild-Fake_Dlls: Also change fake DLL syscall thunks.
winebuild-Fake_Dlls: another fixup
winebuild-Fake_Dlls: fixup
ntdll-Junction_Points: Fix for bug 47169.
winebuild-Fake_Dlls: Change layout of system call thunks.
Updated bcrypt-BCryptSecretAgreement patchset
Updated include-macos-compile patchset
Added comctl32-alpha-bitmaps patchset
Updated ntdll-Junction_Points patchset

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