Wine 3.0-rc3 released
Posted on: 12/22/2017 06:00 PM

The Wine development release 3.0-rc3 is now available

Wine 3.0-rc3 released

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 3.0-rc3 (total 24):

9159 shell32/explorer: Add support for Progman DDE interface
10164 Pool of Radiance 1.4 intermittently shows garbage in surfaces
13548 Wine's setupapi does not know how to recursively delete registry keys
14937 Astroplanner 1.6.1 crashes when closing "preferences" window (TOOLTIPS_SubclassProc must be unsubclassed during WM_NCDESTROY)
21849 Sonic & Knuckles Collection: arrow buttons are very narrow
28652 SlingPlayer 2 has transparent view screen while loading
29871 drawing in photoshop cs5 is almost impossible
33268 SlingPlayer 2.0.4 screen flickers when pointer over screen
35562 Slingplayer 2 crashes when starting stream
36517 SlovoEB 2.1 (.NET 4.0 app) crashes on startup (unsupported WICPixelFormat32bppGrayFloat)
41220 Provide fallback implementation of strnlen for OS versions that don't have it in their Libc (Leopard, Snow Leopard, et al)
42924 Regression in Warframe - Crash when Updating user information (Usually when ending a mission). Last working version Wine 1.9.17.
43004 qedit/tests/mediadet.c intermittent crash
43217 Wine cannot execute position-independent (PIE) host executables via CreateProcess()
43627 regression in Age of Empires 2: ingame mostly black in recent wine version
44163 Far Cry crashes when opening the save game menu
44168 Wizardry 8 hangs when starting a new game or loading a saved game
44170 MSMoney data File password no more recognized
44173 error: use of undeclared identifier 'kCCAlgorithmAES'
44174 implicit declaration of function 'CCCryptorCreateWithMode'
44180 TMIDI Player: Crash on startup with a stack overflow
44194 Serious Sam Classic (First and Second Encounter) shifts the view and makes the game unplayable
44196 Autocad 2002 - Scrambled numbers in output
44201 SlingPlayer 2.0 crashes on unimplemented function mf.dll.MFGetService


Changes since 3.0-rc2:

Akihiro Sagawa (1):
include: Fix a typo in newly added edit control message.

Alex Henrie (4):
po: Update Catalan translation.
gdi32: Scale outline font metrics as signed integers.
mmdevapi/tests: Fix memory leaks (Coverity).
netapi32/tests: Print NetWkstaTransportEnum error code on test failure.

Alexandre Julliard (5):
kernel32: Properly detect ELF binaries that are position independent executables.
msvcp90/tests: Use the correct return type for basic_istream::ipfx.
kernel32/tests: Improve tests for 32/64-bit image mappings.
ddraw: Validate the surface descriptor size in GetDisplayMode.
gdi32: Fix clipping to the DIB rectangle in GetPixel().

Andrey Gusev (4):
comctl32/tests: Fix a typo in ok() message.
kernel32/tests: Fix a typo in ok() message.
msi/tests: Fix typos in ok() messages.
winhttp/tests: Fix typos in ok() messages.

Hans Leidekker (6):
webservices/tests: Merge the listener tests into channel.c.
webservices/tests: Register an exception with the firewall to avoid a dialog.
bcrypt: Fix build on macOS 10.8 and older.
bcrypt: Require macOS version 10.7 or newer for encryption support.
bcrypt: Fix build error on systems with old GnuTLS.
winhttp/tests: Fix an intermittent test failure on Windows XP/Vista.

Huw D. M. Davies (1):
gdi32: Set otmMacLineGap from the line gap in the hhea table.

Jacek Caban (6):
mshtml.idl: Added IDOMMouseEvent declaration.
mshtml.idl: Added events dispinterfaces declarations.
jscript: Use WARN for exception traces instead of separated debug channel.
ntdll/tests: Add NtQueryInformationFile(FileNameInformation) on named pipes tests.
server: Introduce get_file_info request for server-side NtQueryInformationFile implementation.
server: Add support for querying FileNameInformation on named pipes.

Jzef Kucia (1):
wined3d: Consider CPU blitter when clearing discarded textures.

Kim Malmo (3):
po: Update Norwegian translation.
po: Update Norwegian translation.
po: Update Simplified Chinese translation.

Louis Lenders (1):
kernelbase: Quiet a noisy fixme in QuirkIsEnabled3.

Mingcong Bai (1):
po: Update Simplified Chinese translation.

Nikolay Sivov (13):
user32/tests: Remove runtime check for GetMenuBarInfo().
user32/tests: Class API tests for interaction with activation contexts.
comctl32/tests: Add Edit control tests.
comctl32/tests: Add ListBox tests.
comctl32/tests: Remove some workarounds that no longer apply.
comctl32/tooltips: Remove window subclass right before window is destroyed.
include: Add newer definitions for user controls.
mfplat: Implement MFGetService().
comctl32/tests: Use CreateWindowEx() to create UpDown controls.
comctl32/tests: Add separate test for CreateUpDownControl().
comctl32/updown: Reset control width conditionally on UDM_SETBUDDY with NULL buddy handle.
comctl32/tooltips: Reset window subclass data when removing tools.
comctl32/tests: Make sure v6 module is used when running tests, run more tests with v6 module.

Piotr Caban (2):
msvcr71: Don't raise exception in _invalid_parameter.
msvcrt: Correctly set rounding mode in _ftol implementation.

Sebastian Lackner (1):
user32: Globally invalidate key state on changes in other threads.

Stefan Dösinger (2):
d3d9/tests: Work around focus-follows-mouse test failures.
d3d8/tests: Work around focus-follows-mouse test failures.

Zebediah Figura (10):
user32/tests: Don't leave hwndMain in a topmost state.
user32/tests: Add more tests for SetActiveWindow().
user32/tests: Add activation tests for hiding windows.
user32/tests: Add activation tests for minimizing windows.
winegstreamer: Hold a reference to the filter in push_data().
user32/tests: Explicitly test minimized window size.
user32/tests: Also test client rect size.
user32/tests: Add a basic test for maximizing windows.
Revert "msi: Don't execute a deferred custom action when not running the install script.".
regedit/tests: Skip tests if running as non-elevated admin.

Zhiyi Zhang (1):
winecfg: Fix a crash when inputting non-ASCII dll override name.

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