Wine 3.6 released
Posted on: 04/14/2018 06:04 AM

The Wine development release 3.6 is now available

Wine 3.6 released

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Support for PNG format icons.
- Support for 1D textures.
- More infrastructure for high DPI support.
- OLE data cache improvements.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 3.6 (total 53):

19241 winemenubuilder crashes during extraction of high-res Windows Vista+ 256x256 PNG compressed icon resources
24011 Trackmania Nations Forever graphics test does not work
27151 Mafia Vizheneo (Мафия) bug
28520 Surface flips ignore vsync flags in ddraw (Claw, Diablo II, Imperium Galactica II, Incoming, Panzer General II, Unreal)
29999 Bloodrayne 2: text in the menus misplaced
30103 Static controls with bitmap do not display correct background.
33312 QQ International 1.6 can't load Bulletin
38147 Batman: Arkham Asylum (non-steam) Demo launcher (.NET 2.0 app) missing text
38496 Greek Holy Bible 13.0 crashes with System.TimeZoneNotFoundException when using Wine-Mono
38959 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 web installer fails silently (unable to load series of compressed PNG icon images from ICO files)
39011 Sierra Chart hangs when drawing polygon fill line type: gdi32.Polygon()
39452 mpr.WNetGetUniversalName() return value (causes Intel MPI to fail)
40156 AutoWikiBrowser database scanner fails with "no access to memory location"
40305 AutoWikiBrowser 5.8 (.NET app) needs riched20 ITextRange::ScrollIntoView
40976 Multiple games need d3d11_device_CreateTexture1D implementation
41279 Sonos Desktop Controller 6.x (.NET 4.x app) crashes with System.NotImplementedException (needs hnetcfg INetFwPolicy2::get_Rules)
41377 Windows 10 DISM fails to find its resources (kernel32 SetThreadUILanguage must return non-zero/best fit language identifier if zero is passed)
41398 Starcraft 2 Editor: Crashes when login dialog is presented
42267 Rogue-Killer installer crashes on unimplemented function ntdll.dll._aulldvrm
42446 Native Instruments 'Native Access' 1.1.x fails to start, reports 'You cannot start Native Access from the mounted disk'
43051 Rise of the Tomb Raider needs unimplemented function msvcr110.dll.__crtCapturePreviousContext
43096 rtpMidi cannot install.
43468 The game StarCraft2 hang when I click on the "exit game" button. I have to kill the process.
43831 Cuphead (Steam) crashes on startup (needs setupapi.CM_Get_Parent stub to return CR_NO_SUCH_DEVNODE)
43863 Rollcage Redux needs correct include handling in D3DXCreateEffectFromFileExW()
43872 The Witcher 3: some monsters are completely invisible
43930 iCopy 1.6.x (.NET 2.0 app) crashes on startup (IWiaDevMgr::SelectDeviceDlg DeviceID pointer parameter can be NULL, needs be declared 'unique' for RPC marshalling)
43994 page fault when running droid4x-0-9-0.exe
44001 Empire of the Ants (french version "les fourmis") - game crashed
44135 Olive Tree Bible Software BibleStudySetup_6.0.23.exe fails to install
44404 Several .Net apps (e.g. Remembear) throw errors/crash,caused by msctf stubs TextStoreACPSink_{OnTextChange,OnSelectionChange,OnLayoutChange}
44500 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service crashes on unimplemented fltmgr.sys functions (FltRegisterFilter, FltStartFiltering, FltUnregisterFilter)
44530 64-bit Sentinel HASP hardlock.sys kernel driver tries to access to DR7 (not handled in ntoskrnl emulate_instruction)
44580 Outlook 2007 cannot read MSG files anymore
44645 Black border around tray icon
44680 Support for DTM_GETIDEALSIZE not implemented
44692 64-bit .NET apps crash on startup with Wine-Mono (Medieval Engineers, Dashware 1.9)
44818 ntdll.NtClose (kernel32.CloseHandle) should throw invalid handle exception (EXCEPTION_INVALID_HANDLE) for invalid handles when run under debugger
44837 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service fails in driver entry point due to missing 'ntoskrnl.exe.Ps{Acquire,Release}ProcessExitSynchronization'
44857 Visio 2003 - property dialogs buttons appear broken
44864 Incoming crashes after the intro video
44874 Phonetools 9.x crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.RequestDeviceWakeup
44881 MidRadio Player doesn't send SysEx messages to the MIDI device.
44904 winebus blocks auto start up of scheduler service
44906 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service fails in driver entry point due to missing 'ntoskrnl.exe.ExfUnblockPushLock'
44907 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service crashes on unimplemented function 'fltmgr.sys.FltGetRoutineAddress'
44908 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service wants 'ntoskrnl.exe.ObGetObjectType'
44910 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service fails in driver entry point due to 'ntoskrnl.exe.ObReferenceObjectByHandle' stub (needs STATUS_SUCCESS)
44911 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.PsGetProcessId
44923 Failing kernel driver services can stall WINEPREFIX bootstrapping/startup for a considerable time when configured as autostart
44924 StarForce v3 kernel drivers need ntoskrnl.IoCreateSynchronizationEvent to return a non-NULL handle
44932 limited list of available printer's paper/page size
44944 Adobe Premiere Elements 14 fails to install: ERROR: Third party payload installer pxengine5_08_13a.exe failed with exit code: -1

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