Wine 3.20 released
Posted on: 11/10/2018 11:07 AM

The Wine development release 3.20 is now available

Wine 3.20 released

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Async interfaces and ACF files in the IDL compiler.
- Support for substorage transforms in MSI.
- RPC/COM marshalling fixes.
- Support for Unicode requests in WinHTTP.
- Shell Autocomplete optimizations.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 3.20 (total 36):

8933 Extremely slow in rendering when running Jane's USAF
12370 AGEod's American Civil War cannot run (needs native directmusic)
34384 Media Browser 3 Installer doesn't see .Net 4.5 as installed (wine-mono)
35320 setlocale(Chinese_China.950) returns NULL
38066 Memento Mori (Numen: Contest of Heroes): mouse buttons don't work (needs native dinput8)
41269 MSI uninstaller does not clean up Registry's UpgradeCode, ProductCode
41356 Multiple applications and games need support for szOID_NIST_sha* OIDs in crypt32 (The Crew (Uplay), Star Wars The Old Republic, PSNow v9.0.5)
41419 Visio 2013 crashes with unimplemented function msvcp100.dll.?_GetCombinableSize@details@Concurrency@@YAIXZ
42520 Multiple games crash on startup in Win7+ mode (XAudio 2.7 'IXAudio2SourceVoice::GetState' called with 'Flags' parameter, causing register corruption) (World of {Tanks, Warships})
42550 Photoshop CC 2017: Installation Error (needs FileAccessInformation info class)
43358 EVE Online crashes on startup in Win7+ mode (XAudio 2.7 'IXAudio2SourceVoice::GetState' called with 'Flags' parameter, causing %ESI or %EDI register corruption)
43464 Elite Dangerous Horizons fails to connect to server with CRC error
43570 Bravura Easy Computer Sync 1.5 crashes on startup
44620 `Nt{WaitFor,Release}KeyedEvent()` don't accept null handles, while Windows 7 does.
44759 Steam show all text with italic font when dwrite is enabled
45593 Game Center: Installer deadlocks during download ('ntdll.RtlDeregisterWaitEx' must not synchronously wait when 'CompletionEvent' is NULL)
45664 64-bit BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service fails in driver entry point due to missing 'ntoskrnl.exe.PsGetProcessWow64Process'
45665 64-bit BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service fails in driver entry point due to missing 'ntoskrnl.exe.MmCopyVirtualMemory'
45749 Multiple Node.js based applications/installers need ntdll.NtQueryInformationFile to handle 'FileModeInformation' information class (MS Visual Studio 2017 Installer, FACEIT Anti-cheat client)
45796 Nvidia GeForce Now installer aborts due to missing 'advapi32.RegQueryReflectionKey' export
45828 Several Microsoft games bundled with Windows 7 as part of OS install crash upon exit on unimplemented function ntdll.dll.WinSqmIncrementDWORD
45966 Missing scrollbars in TraCFoil ribs plotting program
45970 Add support for browseui IProgressDialog PROGDLG_AUTOTIME flag
45997 iPed 7G 2019 (.NET 4.0 app) v13.0.10800 crashes with System.NotImplementedException at system.drawing.pen.ScaleTransform
46004 SimSig: scroll bars in Options window do not render
46015 Nvidia GeForce NOW crashes on unimplemented function IPHLPAPI.DLL.GetIpInterfaceTable
46035 dotnet sdk 2.1.403 installer crashes with unimplemented Kernel32.FindStringOrdinal
46040 Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v6.4 kernel driver 'iocbios2.sys' crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.KeSetTargetProcessorDpc
46057 Multiple applications want 'ntdll.NtQueryInformationToken' to support 'TokenVirtualizationEnabled' (24) info class (Blizzard
46066 GeForceNOW.exe fails to load due to missing runtime dependencies, needs 'qwave.dll' stub dll (qWAVE - Quality Windows Audio/Video Experience)
46076 Something goes wrong when sending unicode http request
46080 Multiple installers are missing title bar buttons
46081 Multiple installers show readonly drives with broken size
46084 Skype installer crashes due to unimplemented msvcp140.dll.?_Winerror_map@std@@YAHH@Z
46085 Multiple ARM64 apps from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) need 'api-ms-win-core-winrt-string-l1-1-1.dll' stub dll
46086 Multiple ARM64 apps from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) need 'api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-3' stub dll

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