Wine 1.3.35 released
Posted on: 12/17/2011 11:04 AM

The Wine development release 1.3.35 is now available

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Triangular gradients and cosmetic wide pens support in the DIB engine.
- All Wine dialogs can now be translated through po files.
- Many more scripts added to UniScribe.
- JScript using bytecode throughout now.
- Several MSXML improvements.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.3.35:

6767 failure enumerating interfaces on NetBSD
11217 X Error of failed request: BadAlloc
11490 Speed Commander 12 reports "Can't Initialize Scripting Environment" error on startup
12829 Viper Racing crashes with an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error.
14419 Icons outputted to textbox do not render.
14535 msxml4 needed to get a Network connection for Fujiprint based photo print ordering software
15047 Tex Murphy Overseer installs fine, but will not run
15113 WinUAE DirectDraw graphics overwrite windows which are in front of it
15128 JSmooth does not run with WinVer set to 'Windows XP'
15402 Application fails to restore window decorations after exiting fullscreen mode
16668 Commandos 3: sniper scope incorrectly rendered
16669 Service does not start second time.
16710 aTube Catcher in not showing the icons
17512 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 installer fails during CA_InstallVMMDriver (cash in LdrProcessRelocationBlock)
19249 Notepad++ default save dialog is 'Save', not 'Save as' (appinstall)
19467 Icon text fields have incorrect placement and text input field has garbage only while editing
20924 program icons either missing completely or having black background
21313 Sony Acid Xpress 7.0: Fails to install the required files
21417 opening large files in excel 2000 takes very long
21455 Steam installer: target path cannot be changed
21729 missing transparent on VB6 usercontrols
21816 H&R Block At Home 2009 Deluxe updater is broken
22778 PlayOnline viewer's window is not correctly updated
22848 Notepad++: Ctrl+tab doesn't work properly
23561 When using custom mouse pointer, previous pointer remains frozen on screen
23580 Full-screen option not available in several Boulder Dash games
23923 pygame: game pieces aren't connected as they should be
24615 Can't open or save assembly files in SolidWorks
24921 agent 5.7: X Error of failed request: BadAlloc
25476 MS Office Pro 2010 Trial: setup.exe is started when starting installed apps
25494 Office Pro 2010 Trial: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint cannot open or save OOXML (docx, xlsx, pptx) files
25534 Bimoid submenu's shows over menu.
26844 Neon Wars: jerky animations and mouse movement
27118 Dead Space 2 (Steam) activation.exe only crashes and does not activate the game
27281 crash while install ICBC_FT_UShield2_Install.exe ( unimplemented function msvcp60.dll.??0?$basic_ostringstream@GU?$char_traits@G@std@@V?$allocator@G@2@@std@@QAE@H@Z )
27367 widl: gcc warns about pointer mismatch when calling pfnFree
27371 crash while install 360chrome browser
27695 Need for speed underground 1 DEMO: Keys Num_Lock and Pause are swapped
27730 Arcanum hangs on exit
27755 Can't log in with yahoo! messenger 11
27922 iexplore crashes on
28047 IAudioClock_GetPosition must not depend on buffering (ALSA/Pulse)
28204 Starfleet Command 3: Fails to load main menu
28609 msi/install.ok slightly flaky
28986 Quicken: crashes when opening investment account register
28994 AOL 9.0VR: wmp9 sub-installer crashes while registering drmclien.dll
29127 Typing of the Dead demo crashes on launch
29142 Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity causes GLXBadDrawable
29161 ZMud fails to run
29162 Gens 11b rerecording: fails to initialize drawing surface
29179 SAMO-Touragent application, does not launch due to exception stack overflow
29180 WS_CHILD dialog might want WS_CAPTION
29204 the dib text rendering breaks text in d3d
29213 DDR=gdi leads to a crash
29216 Sacred Gold v2.28 hangs on exit (ddr=opengl)
29233 FoxitReader 5.1 crashes when a pdf is loaded
29235 Worms Armageddon: frontend flickers
29239 Age of Empires 1 & 2 rendering broken with OpenGL renderer (DDR=opengl)
29260 Wrong scrollbar background in iexplore
29262 Creating windows in threads may deadlock
29263 'Reinstall' Dialog in Java Runtime Environment Installer Thinks You Always Say "No"
29271 Battle For Middle Earth hangs on launch
29280 todolist crashes after using LVM_GETHEADER
29283 AntiVir 9 configuration wizard shows text in a separate dialog
29285 Arcanum: screen resolution stays at 800x600 after exiting the game
29296 Heroes 2 Gold demo crashes on startup
29297 Cold Fear: graphical glitches when shadows enabled
29300 PlayOnline viewer crashes on startup (seems functional)
29302 AntiVir 9 shows some corrupted icons
29306 Telltale's games launcher unusable (can't click on buttons)
29307 Word 2010 cannot open specific docx file with builtin msxml6
29308 Word 2010 complains about Normal.dotm on start with builtin msxml6
29314 VLC menu bar text is invisible
29317 QQ2011 installer crash at the end of installing
29321 Internet Explorer 8 shows upside-down previews on the quick tabs screen
29333 Raidcall doesn't connect
29343 Bloxx It's launcher is missing some background visuals
29353 pwsafe (3.xx) crashes
29356 Internet Explorer 8's content advisor shows small icons with a black background


Changes since 1.3.34:

Adam Martinson (1):
ntdll: Properly set flags in NtCreateNamedPipe().

Akihiro Sagawa (2):
po: Update Japanese translation.
cmd: Improve the message when the volume has no label.

Alex Henrie (4):
user32: If a dialog has no tab-accessible controls, set focus to first control (with tests).
comdlg32: Correct title of "Save As" dialog.
po: Update Catalan translation.
comdlg32: Widen buffer to accomodate Catalan translation.

Alexandre Julliard (75):
gdi32: Implement triangular gradients in the DIB engine.
gdi32/tests: Add more gradient tests.
gdi32: Use dithering also for 1-bpp gradients.
gdi32: Add more parameter checks in GdiGradientFill.
gdi32: Use the DIB engine and PutImage for the null driver triangular gradient implementation.
winex11: Always refresh the picture clipping when we have an additional clip region.
comctl32: Convert dialogs to po files.
shell32: Convert dialogs to po files.
user32: Convert dialogs to po files.
gdi32: Add a null driver implementation for Polyline and Polygon.
wineps: Fall through to the null driver for Polyline and Polygon.
winex11: Use an X11 error handler to catch BadMatch errors from XGetImage.
netapi32: Simplify the smbpasswd invocation to avoid compiler warnings.
gdi32: Add a helper function to clip a rectangle to the DC visible rect.
gdi32: Maintain a region inside gdi32 to keep track of the total visible region.
gdi32: Pass the total visible region in the SetDeviceClipping driver entry point.
winex11: Store the visible region handle directly instead of making a copy.
winex11: Allow the visible region to be zero when not clipping.
cryptui: Convert dialogs to po files.
comdlg32: Convert dialogs to po files.
gdi32: Make sure DCs are fully zero-initialized.
gdi32: Only create the DC visible region when necessary.
gdi32: Only store a total visible region when it's a combination of other regions.
gdi32: Don't store the metaclip region, recompute it as needed.
gdi32: Rename the CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion function.
winex11: Don't call get_xrender_picture inside the X11 lock.
gdi32: Add missing check for empty visible rects in the non-stretching case.
winex11: Add some sanity checks on bitmap formats before creating a pixmap.
gdi32: Use the convert_bits helper function in SetDIBits and SetDIBitsToDevice.
gdi32: Use PutImage directly to set the initial bitmap bits.
gdi32: Don't make a copy of the DIB color table when selecting it into a DC.
gdi32: Add a helper to build a color table from the DIB_PAL_COLORS bitmap info.
gdi32: Always allocate a full-size color table when creating a DIB section.
gdi32: Fix handling of DIB_PAL_COLORS in the various DIB functions.
gdi32: Remove the nb_colors fields in the bitmap object, we always allocate a full size color table.
gdi32/tests: Add tests for DIB_PAL_COLORS and DIB palettes with missing entries.
gdi32: Always use biClrUsed for the number of colors of internal BITMAPINFO structures.
gdi32: Make sure that biSizeImage always contains the correct size in internal BITMAPINFO structures.
gdi32: Simplify computation of the DIB header size for internal BITMAPINFO structures.
gdi32/tests: Fix some test failures on Windows.
gdi32: GetCharABCWidthsFloatW must succeed with non-TrueType fonts.
gdi32: Store the default color tables as static data.
gdi32: Use the default DIB color table to create system and halftone palettes.
gdi32: Add a flag to request a default color table from init_dib_info.
gdi32: Select the pattern brush only when first used.
gdi32: Don't create a default color table for pattern brushes, use the DC colors instead.
gdi32/tests: Add tests for 1-bpp DDB pattern brushes.
gdi32: Pass the correct depth to PutImage for SetBitmapBits on a DIB.
gdi32: Remove support for private color maps.
gdi32: init_dib_info() can no longer fail, and no longer requires freeing.
gdi32: Implement GetNearestColor in the DIB driver.
gdi32: Remove some color table size checks, we use full-size color tables now.
gdi32: Implement GetPixel in the null driver using GetImage.
winex11: Get rid of the GetPixel implementation, use the null driver fallback instead.
gdi32/tests: Fix some test failures on old Windows versions.
ntdll: Make an error message a proper ERR.
widl: Zero-initialize [out] structures and unions that contain pointers.
gdi32/tests: Add some tests for behavior of 32-bit DDBs.
winex11: Add missing initialization of pattern brush style.
wine.inf: Also create iexplorer.exe in the system directory for registration.
setupapi: Specify the correct binary file name when registering an executable.
kernel32: Don't run a nonexistent builtin from CreateProcess when filename is not specified.
comctl32: Don't try to mask out the image for palette-based bitmaps.
server: Optionally return the global key state when queueing a hardware message.
user32: Cache the global key state to avoid performance issues in applications that poll constantly.
user32: Always use the default alignment when displaying submenu popups.
winex11: Update MWM hints when the window size changes.
wineps: Inherit the device mode from the source DC when creating a compatible DC.
gdi32/tests: Add tests for device capabilities on memory DCs.
comctl32/tests: Add some more tests for ImageList_Write.
comctl32: Use DrawIconEx to copy icon bits and use the correct background color.
comctl32: Use GetDIBits to retrieve the default color map for an imagelist DIB section.
user32: Don't try to alpha blend icons on low color bitmaps.
oleaut32: Fix IPicture::SelectPicture to not try to select a bitmap into two DCs at the same time.
comctl32/tests: Fix a test failure on older Windows.

Andrew Eikum (2):
dsound: Validate format in primary buffer's SetFormat().
wineoss.drv: Don't set volume in IAudioClient::Initialize.

André Hentschel (3):
winecfg: Fill in the Service Pack major version for win2008.
winecfg: Bump NT 3.51 to Service Pack 5.
po: Update German translation.

Aric Stewart (36):
usp10: Correct issues with LTR logclust indexing after Multiple substitution.
user32: Protect against NULL ssa to prevent crashes in old native usp10.
usp10: Initialize the GSUB table before doing any contextual shaping.
usp10: Use GDEF in baseIndic GlyphProp processing.
usp10: The top logclust value may be different than the number of chars.
usp10: Use UpdateClusters in DecomposeVowels.
usp10: Sinhala, while behaving like a base Indic, does not set GlyphProps based on indic syllable.
usp10: Handle Halant, ZWJ and ZWNJ in ShapeCharGlyphProp_BaseIndic.
usp10: Unicode does not compose the Gurmukhi letter SHA.
usp10: Handle dangling joiners when processing Indic GlyphProps.
usp10: Some Indic scripts, Sinhala, want GDEF to set glyph properties.
usp10: Add Myanmar script.
usp10: Resync script_props table.
usp10/tests: Check broken value for script tag as well.
usp10: Add script Tai Le.
usp10: Add New Tai Lue script.
usp10: Add Khmer script.
usp10: Add CKJ Han and Ideographic scripts.
usp10: Add Bopomofo script.
usp10: Add Kana script.
usp10: Add Hangul script.
usp10: Add Yi script.
usp10: Add Ethiopic script.
usp10: Allow for multiple broken item counts.
usp10: Add Mongolian script.
usp10: Add Tifinagh script.
usp10: Add N'Ko script.
usp10: Add Vai script.
usp10: Add Cherokee script.
usp10: Add Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics script.
usp10: Add Ogham script.
usp10: Add Runic Script.
usp10: Add Braille script.
usp10: Add Private Use Area and Surrogates Area from Unicode Chapter 16.
usp10: Add Spacing Modifier Letters to the Latin script block.
usp10: Do not try to fallback if no fallback font is specified.

Aurimas Fišeras (2):
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Bruno Jesus (1):
ws2_32: Fix a function name comment.

Dmitry Timoshkov (8):
user32: Add more window style tests, make them pass under Wine.
user32: Add the tests for dialog window styles, make them pass under Wine.
user32: Strip WS_CAPTION|WS_SYSMENU when a dialog has DS_CONTROL style set.
user32: Strip WS_CAPTION|WS_SYSMENU when a dialog has DS_CONTROL style set.
kernel32: Add the tests for various combinations of CreateFileMapping/MapViewOfFile protections.
ntdll: Setting WRITECOPY protection on a memory-mapped file is allowed.
kernel32: Add a bunch of VirtualProtect tests on an image section.
ntdll: Replace WRITE by WRITECOPY protection on an image section as Windows does.

Eric Pouech (1):
d3d: Fixed a couple of warnings for 64bit targets.

Francois Gouget (42):
dsound: Remove mmErr(). It is not used anymore.
gdi32: Make init_dib_info() static.
jscript: Make interp_expression_eval() static.
mscoree: Make CorDebugProcess_Create() static.
cmd: Use FormatMessage() for better internationalization support.
include: Add a couple of missing include directives in dshow.h.
include: in6addr.h does not depend on winsock's u_xxx types.
include: Eliminate redundancy between winsock.h and inaddr.h.
iphlpapi: Remove a few redundant include directives.
include: Add the missing inaddr.h and in6addr.h include directives.
include: Add a missing wincrypt.h include directive to mprapi.h.
userenv: Add a missing include directive to userenv.h.
include: Protect mstcpip.h against multiple inclusion.
include: Include ipifcons.h from ifdef.h.
include: Move some definitions from iptypes.h to nldef.h.
include: Split iprtrmib.h into multiple mib.h files.
include: Define the MIB_IF_OPER_STATUS_XXX constants using an enumeration in ipifcons.h.
include: Add the Dll(Un)RegisterServer() prototypes to olectl.h.
include: Remove unneeded extern "C" directives.
include: Add extern "C" directives where needed.
include: Update the nldef.h and *mib.h headers.
include: Add a couple of missing include directives in windows.h.
configure: Use errno.h instead of the non-standard sys/errno.h header.
include: Add missing include directives.
include: Include windef.h and packing directives in rpcasync.h when needed.
include: shldisp.idl should only import ocidl.idl.
view: Remove unneeded RC files.
taskmgr: Remove unneeded and untranslatable widget labels.
windowscodecs: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
riched20: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
quartz: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
ntdll: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
krnl386.exe16: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
kernel32: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
gdi32: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
ole32: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
mlang/tests: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
attrib: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
fusion: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
strmbase: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
setupapi: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.
cmd: Avoid hardcoding the Unicode string literal lengths.

Frédéric Delanoy (10):
dinput: Clarify a translatable string.
po: Update French translation.
po: Use non-breaking space before double punctuation in the French translation.
cmd: Avoid duplication of commonly used strings.
taskmgr: Avoid dead assignment (Clang).
cmd: Avoid dead assignment (Clang).
po: Update French translation.
msvfw32: Use appropriate abbreviation for seconds.
po: Update French translation.
po: Update French translation.

Hans Leidekker (13):
user32: Add stub implementations of MessageBoxTimeoutA/W.
msi: Make sure to keep a reference to custom action data until the actions are finished.
msi/tests: Try harder to remove a shortcut file.
winhttp: Avoid a null pointer dereference (clang).
winhttp: Remove some dead assignments (clang).
po: Update Dutch translation.
msi: Format the value name from the RegLocator table.
msi: Move some traces from implementations to entry points.
msi: Support all install contexts in MsiReinstallFeatureW.
msi: Don't set the Installed property in MsiReinstallFeatureW.
msi: Don't set the LOGVERBOSE property in MsiReinstallFeatureW.
msi: Pass REINSTALL and REINSTALLMODE properties on the command line in MsiReinstallFeatureW.
msi: Don't run the rollback script in reinstall mode.

Henri Verbeet (35):
wined3d: Create the device state block when the device is created.
wined3d: Only recreate GL contexts when we're using GL for rendering in wined3d_device_reset().
wined3d: Only unload the surface when we're using GL for rendering in updateSurfaceDesc().
wined3d: Get rid of WINED3DDEVINFO_VCACHE.
wined3d: Don't declare more varyings than required by the shader model.
wined3d: Disable client storage in upload_palette().
ddraw: Don't enumerate surfaces without references.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DLOCKED_RECT typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DLOCKED_BOX typedef.
wined3d: Unbind stateblock resources in wined3d_device_uninit_3d().
ddraw: Destroy the swapchain in the DllMain() cleanup handler.
ddraw: Just read the actual reference counts in DestroyCallback().
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DBOX typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WineDirect3DStridedData typedef.
wined3d: Read the PBO back into the DIB section if we have one in surface_remove_pbo().
wined3d: Properly check if a surface has a DIB section in gdi_surface_map().
wined3d: Avoid clearing the current wined3d context in WineD3D_CreateFakeGLContext().
wined3d: Get rid of the WineDirect3DVertexStridedData typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINEDDCOLORKEY typedef.
wined3d: The VertexAttrib*h[v] calls in NV_half_float depend on NV_vertex_program.
wined3d: Print the GL_RENDERER string when no "card selector" is available in wined3d_guess_card().
wined3d: Introduce a helper function for checking colors against a color key.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DVSHADERCAPS2_0 typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DPSHADERCAPS2_0 typedef.
ddraw: Destroy the swapchain after the D3D device in DllMain().
d3d10: Add a short description to skip_dword_unknown().
wined3d: Trace all swapchain_desc fields in wined3d_device_reset().
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DLIGHTTYPE typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DPRIMITIVETYPE typedef.
ddraw: Move clipper handling to ddraw.
ddraw: Add support for clipped blits.
wined3d: Use the correct source pitch and byte_count for uploading converted surfaces.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINEDDCAPS typedef.
wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DDEVTYPE typedef.

Huw Davies (2):
gdi32: Add support for wide cosmetic pens.
gdi32/tests: Add some tests for wide pens.

Hwang YunSong (1):
po: Updated Korean translation.

Jacek Caban (60):
jscript: Use bytecode for assignment to identifier.
jscript: Use bytecode for assigning to array expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for assignment to member expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for invalid assignments.
jscript: Use bytecode for '+=' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '-=' expression implementation.
mshtml: Return wrapped ActiveX object's interface from object element's QueryInterface.
mshtml: Added tests for returning ActiveX object's interfaces from object element's QueryInterface.
jscript: Use bytecode for '*=' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '/=' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '%=' expression implementation.
jscript: Added bytecode version of member expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for '|=' expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for '^=' expression implementation.
mshtml: Don't use WINAPI for assembly functions to avoid linker warnings on mingw.
mshtml: Added support for navigating to _self target.
jscript: Use bytecode for calls on identifier and member expressions.
jscript: Use bytecode for all call expressions.
jscript: Use binary_expression_t instead of array_expression_t.
jscript: Added bytecode version of array expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for post-increment expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for post-decrement expression.
scrrun: Moved script extensions registration to scrrun.dll.
appwiz.cpl: Run winebrowser directly instead of using ShellExecute.
jscript: Use bytecode for pre-increment expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for pre-decrement implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for array literal expressions.
jscript: Use bytecode for binary and implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '&=' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '>>' expression.
jscript: Use bytecode for '>>=' expression.
wininet: Use instead of in test_async_HttpSendRequestEx.
wininet: Properly handle closed connection in HTTP_HttpEndRequestW.
wininet: Added more connection failure tests.
winebrowser: Use IUri API for URL-related logic.
jscript: Fixed memory leaks.
jscript: Use bytecode for '>>>' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '>>>=' expression implementation.
jscript: Use bytecode for '

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