Why SCO will soon be going after BSD
Posted on: 11/18/2003 04:28 PM

Officially, the "news" teleconference SCO held this morning was to announce a new deal between SCO and the David Boies legal firm. Confusion reigned as SCO attempted to clarify the details of its payments to its legal counsel, Boies Boies, Schiller amp; Flexner. Is the $1 million payment to Boies et al, and the transfer of 400,000 shares of SCO stock to them a contingency payment? If so, what contingency was met? Is it a legal slush fund to finance new rounds of lawsuits to keep the circus alive a little longer? Who knows? I, for one, don't care how SCO pays its counsel. But I do care about something new that came out of the teleconference.

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