Why Linux cleanup utilities are dangerous
Posted on: 05/29/2011 09:17 AM

Dedoimedo published an article explaining why using system cleaning utilities, like dupeclean, Janitor, BleachBit, GConf Cleaner, and Sweeper, are dangerous and deterimental to system stability and integrity, especially for less experienced users and fresh Windows converts.

Why Linux cleanup utilities are dangerous

In Windows, users periodically power up one of the system tweaking and maintenance programs like CCleaner and alike and rinse-wash their hard drive of crud, including orphaned registry keys, invalid shortcuts, temporary files, cookies, and more. With this or that degree of safety and reliability, Windows users practice a habit of system cleanup every few days. Placebo effect or not, it's a given.

So what happens when you migrate to Linux? You expect the same or very similar results from your new operating system. Hence, you start hunting for cleanup utilities that promise to purge your machine of ill spirits and bad files. And this is where the problem starts. Today, I will explain why using Linux cleanup utilities is a very dangerous and ineffective practice.

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