White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 RC2
Posted on: 12/04/2003 08:14 AM

Release Candidate 2 of White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 has been released.

Here the full announcement:

White Box Enterprise Linux Release Candidate 2 is now available.

The ftp mirrors will need some time to update, but BitTorrent downloads should be available NOW. Time to download and make sure any bugs you reported are squished and that nothing new that has crept in that might affect your intended use of the final release.

Yum and up2date are now in! For this release they both default to whiteboxlinux.org, which cannot service any sort of serious external load. Be sure to plug in one of the mirrors as soon as they catch up. There arecommented out entries in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources for both of the larger mirrors. Be sure to flip over to one of them if you expect to actually get your errata at a decent speed.

While up2date+yum does work, it isn't close to being polished yet. And with my pitiful python skills it may never be perfect unless someone better than me jumps in. (hint!) Most importantly, it keeps moaning about a lack of RedHat's GPG key every run, even though it was left in it's normal place AND a RedHat key is on the keyring in
/etc/sysconfig/rhn. Even worse, it is allowing packages to be installed which are signed with the WBEL key even though that key is NOT on the keyring and the option to check signatures is enabled. Bottom line, it sorta works but don't trust it on anything even close to mission critical yet.

rhnd nas been neutered, i.e. it still gets built but the service will not get started.

Another glitch I didn't notice in time is the release notes hadn't made it to the CD's root directory. Oh well, here they are:

White Box Enterprise Linux - Release Notes 3.0-RC2

This is the second, and hopefully final, Release Candidate for White
Box Enterprise Linux 3.0. There are not many differences from RC1:
1. Lots of Trademark fixes.
2. Patched sysstat.
3. Correct comps package gets installed so redhat-config-packages
4. RPM patched to work without /etc/redhat-release.
5. flex bug on RC1 fixed.
6. i586 support added.
7. yum ported in from Fedora.
8. up2date ported from Fedora and patched to remove trademarks.

There are still some outstanding issues, assistance welcome:
1. up2date still needs some work.
2. RC2 is self hosted with one exception. The binary for gettext is
from RC1 because when built on White Box one .jar file is missing.
3. tora doesn't have support for Oracle. This is believed to be
solvable by installing the free Oracle dev kit and rebuilding, if
so should be fixed by -final.
4. The su command appears in both /bin/ and /usr/bin/ for some
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