White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0 AMD64-RC1
Posted on: 12/19/2003 04:03 PM

Pasi Pirhonen has released an AMD64 version of White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0

Here the full annoucement:

To make it short:

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The images are in place. Please make you own announcement as this is your work.


The site ftp://ftp.vslib.cz has pretty abusive restrictions as working reverse DNS and correct e-mail address as password (don't use the name joe, the domain must be correct and exist etc). I was talking with local admin to remove these bits so we will see.

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Thank Milan Kerslager for making this available short time as i asked this morning (local time). I was able to use faster link at office for upload the 3.2GB 'release'.

Please _bug_ me if there _IS_ something wrong. The address is below. DON'T bug me with questions like 'how i install it?' or similar FAQ-material. If you can't install it, don't even download it. It's release to get more people finding out this i have missed. Once you have done it twice, you have already made 'a path' which you follow and can't break from ..... until someone else points out your stupidity :)

Once more the original MD5SUMS (athought i have no reason not to believe that those aren right on the above site)

ec75ec916bd3e89ceb08f1fad20ea51b liberation-rc1-binary-x86_64-1.iso
d1a628e70a0dd8a19a5cbaf18fe63c36 liberation-rc1-binary-x86_64-2.iso
39ca6645bced4c8b75dea2b99a55c1e3 liberation-rc1-binary-x86_64-3.iso
e6b965b5fe2265bdf1a7a98723955859 liberation-rc1-source-x86_64-1.iso
96bcf19ae4664c5c0fd4aa3fd2cd5ef0 liberation-rc1-source-x86_64-2.iso
dd8c738b0b95aef74d5dc5e14934b689 liberation-rc1-source-x86_64-3.iso

There are some notes on the root of first ISO-image. Basically it is.

- Left out everything that doesn't compile/belong to arch
- Added acpid as it really belongs arch
- grabbed the list of i386-stuff from public beta2 and satisfied dependencies for current version (ie. more i386-stuff).

havemyself done several test-installation under Athlong64 (the MSI-board) with radeon (yes. Radeon - the pure original AIW) and G400/DH. IDE-disks and e100 NIC. This release is not installed to my dual-Opteron, but it's already running this one as it was built on it.

Now this is out, i'll package the IA64 for monday ot earlier if i drive back to work this weekend.

Pasi Pirhonen - upi@iki.fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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