What's wrong with Ubuntu 7.04
Posted on: 04/30/2007 09:58 AM

APC published a review on Ubuntu 7.04

Now I'm as fond of Ubuntu as the next penguin, but I'm a bit of distro whore really -- I'm always trying new ones and my current system has all of Gentoo, SuSE and Ubuntu installed (and some other niche operating system on the other partition - Windows Vista I think it's called).

So given that I don't pledge loyalty to any particular distro, I usually come at them with a critical eye. It's love, mostly. I love Linux and want it to succeed in the areas it doesn't currently, so I'm usually straight about what does and doesn't work -- because tip-toeing the issues isn't doing the community any favours. I have great expectations for 7.04, and unfortunately they're not all met. If you're a fanboy, don't read on, because I'll shatter your fragile world.

What's wrong with Ubuntu 7.04

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