WBEL Errata: nfs-utils 1.0.6
Posted on: 03/16/2004 05:07 AM

nfs-utils 1.0.6 for White Box Enterprise Linux has been released:

nfs-utils-1.0.6 appeared in RedHat's updates directory so a rebuild is now available. Here are the entries from the changelog in the .spec:

* Fri Feb 13 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith@redhat.com>
- - rebuilt

* Thu Feb 12 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner@redhat.com>
- - make rpc.lockd, rpc.statd, rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd pie

* Wed Jan 28 2004 Steve Dickson <SteveD@RedHat.com>
- - Added the NFSv4 bits

* Mon Dec 29 2003 Steve Dickson <SteveD@RedHat.com>
- - Added the -z flag to nfsstat

* Wed Dec 24 2003 Steve Dickson <SteveD@RedHat.com>
- - Fixed lockd port setting in nfs.int script

* Wed Oct 22 2003 Steve Dickson <SteveD@RedHat.com>
- - Upgrated to 1.0.6
- - Commented out the acl path for fedora

The NFSv4 bits are turned off at the top of the .spec file so I'd say it is safe to ignore the Jan 28 2004 entry.

To install this new package on your White Box Enterprise Linux system use the Up2Date Network or Yum.

Note: Be sure to change the default Up2Date or Yum server from the initial location to prevent undue load to the whiteboxlinux.org server, which doesn't have a lot of outbound bandwidth. The config files already have entries for mirror sites commented out.

Up2Date's configuration file is at /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources

Yum's configuration is in /etc/yum.conf

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