vte-0.15.2 released
Posted on: 01/23/2007 03:26 PM

Vte-0.15.2 is available for download at:


Vte is GNOME 2's virtual-terminal emulation widget.

This is an unstable release in the development cycle targeted for GNOME 2.18.

This is a very exciting release. Most of the changes are made by Chris Wil
son who just got access to the vte repository. On his first day he committed more than 20 large patches, cleaning various parts of the code base and optimizing too! As a result of huge changes in this release, some regressions, specially on less common systems/architectures is expected. Please file bugs.

Highlights of improvements in this release:
- Moving around in vim and mc is a lot faster now, thanks to much
smaller areas that will be redrawn with this release.
- Mouse wheel is usable in mc now, since we don't generate release
events for scroll wheel events anymore.
- Faster. One of the internal timers was completely removed, and
lots of unnecessary work is not done anymore. Particularly when
the widget is not visible.
- Switched to using g_spawn_async to fork the child process, so we
can now enjoy the error checking implemented in that functions.
Failed forks now return an error message.
- Accessibility improvements.
- New environment variable VTE_BACKEND, to choose which rendering
backend to use. The old VTE_USE_* env vars are deprecated and
not functional anymore.
- Bugs fixed in this release:
Bug 399137 - continuation.
Bug 132316 =E2=80" terminal widget's context menu posting isn't exposed
as an AtkAction
Original patch by lt;padraig.obriain@sun.comgt;
Bug 156161 =E2=80" AccessibleText_getTextAtOffset returns wrong values i
n gnome-terminal
Patch by lt;padraig.obriain@sun.comgt;
Bug 399137 =E2=80" UTF-8 problem in VteAccess
Bug 123591 =E2=80" vte_terminal_fork_command succeeds even when it does
Bug 345514 =E2=80" -no-undefined doesn't work with latest libtool
Bug 162003 =E2=80" vte configure.in X checking can fail
=E2=80" though this may cause other regressions!
Bug 314669 =E2=80" Please specialize AC_PATH_XTRA
Bug 389538 =E2=80" crash in Terminal: nothing
Bug 161479 =E2=80" Scroll wheel generates Release events
Bug 398602 =E2=80" Build Failure
Bug 397724 =E2=80" Orca incorrect echo's certain input in gnome-terminal
when key echo is set to off (on Ubuntu Feisty).
Bug 398244 =E2=80" Gnome-terminal opens a huge sized window
Bug 398243 =E2=80" Crash
Bug 398116 =E2=80" lags behind when widget not visible
Bug 398083 =E2=80" background not painted correctly when starting up
Bug 397414 - port vteapp to GOption
Bug 395373 - Allow the user to specify backend priorities.
Bug 346554 =E2=80" Fancy prompt triggers update problem
Bug 397439 =E2=80" Performance enhancement patch series
Bug 161342 =E2=80" Vte slow with mc and vim
Bug 387171 =E2=80" vte fails to install on FreeBSD due to missing header
Patch from Roy Marples
Bug 396831 =E2=80" Unable to compile without X
Patch from Chris Wilson
Bug 394890 =E2=80" Segfault when running vte or gnome-terminal

Behdad Esfahbod
22 January 2007

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