VLOS 1.3 beta3 available
Posted on: 08/30/2006 07:54 AM

VLOS 1.3 beta3 has been released

VLOS is a fantastic way to get access to the best software available in the open source community. By purchasing VLOS you are helping the project to stay alive and focus our efforts enhancing, fixing and building an awesome OS for home, office, server and daily use, wihout the headaches of installing plugins, codecs or drivers.

The third beta of VLOS 1.3 is available for download, most notable changes are:

Fix Unable to switch to any console when in Xwindows
Fix Ugly fonts in KDE
Build KDE with Zeroconf
Build KDE with arts support
Added bcm43xx firmware
Added ipw2100 firmware
Added KDE ebuilds to overlay
Fix rar support in file-roller
Update to portage-2.1-r2
Gnome updated to 2.14.3
Added dejavu fonts
Put gdm to start at the end
Added animated cursor in Xserver
KDE updated to 3.5.4
Nvidia drivers updated to latest version
Kernel updated to new vidalinux-sources-2.6.17-r4
Madwifi module now working
Added server packages (apache php squirrelmail bind dhcp proftpd squid postfix courier-imap webmin MailScanner)
Added KDE installation option in anaconda
Added NetworkManager

Torrents are available here, FTP and HTTP mirrors will synchronize soon. Only DVD isos are available for now, CDs will be available in couple of days.

VLOS 1.3 beta3 available

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