VirtualBox vs. KVM on the Desktop: A Comparison
Posted on: 06/15/2010 12:41 PM

WorksWithU posted a comparison of the viability of VirtualBox and KVM as virtualization solutions for desktop users

VirtualBox vs. KVM on the Desktop: A Comparison

As we wrote recently, KVM has a lot to recommend it as a virtualization solution in Ubuntu 10.04, especially in the server room. But how ready is it for the desktop, and can it contend with applications like VirtualBox when it comes to ease-of-use? Read on for a comparison of two of the Ubuntu world’s most popular virtualization products, and some thoughts on which one is better for desktop users.

If you haven’t yet tried KVM, you should, whether you’re using Ubuntu on a server or a desktop. As Linux’s built-in virtualization hypervisor, KVM can run a wide variety of guest operating systems with impressive efficiency. On some platforms, it can also take advantage of paravirtualization to make things even faster.

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