Vidalinux Desktop OS beta2
Posted on: 07/29/2004 04:10 AM

Beta 2 of the Gentoo based Vidalinux Desktop OS has been released

We are proud to announce the new beta2 of the successful Vidalinux OS Desktop. In this release these areas of improvement include, the following:

* Kernel 2.6.7-gentoo-r11
* Reiserfs support on Anaconda
* PCMCIA package installed by default
* Kernel source included on the CD but not installed
* Hardware auto detection and configuration

And many more improvements read the completed release notes or download the torrents, and dont forget to read the post-instalation configuration.

If you dont have the bandwith or you like to make a donation to Vidalinux Desktop OS Free Software Project buy the Cds on our Online Store, our distribution is currently on beta2 version which is most suitable for testing purposes, but is currently very stable, detect and configure all your hardware

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