Vidalinux Desktop OS 1.0
Posted on: 10/04/2004 04:03 AM

Version 1.0 of this Gentoo based desktop Linux distribution has been released

VLOS (Vidalinux Desktop OS) is a powerful, stable and easy to use new Linux distribution.The main goal of Vidalinux Desktop OS is to make Linux Operating System easier to use and administer using the right tools for your daily work at Home or Office.

The desktop components are based on the best projects of the open source community including GNOME desktop environment, OpenOffice Ximian productivity suite, Mozilla browser, Evolution mail and calendar client, Gentoo Linux system and portage package manager. Vidalinux Desktop OS is the only system which includes additional multimedia and productivity applications for the home user including media players, browser plugins for flash, realplayer, pdf viewer, media, graphics design and administration tools.

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