USN-53-1: imlib vulnerabilities
Posted on: 12/29/2004 01:06 PM

An imlib+png2 security update has been released for Ubuntu Linux 4.10

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-53-1 December 29, 2004
imlib+png2 vulnerabilities
CAN-2004-1025, CAN-2004-1026

A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog)

The following packages are affected:


The problem can be corrected by upgrading the affected package to version 1.9.14-16ubuntu1.1. In general, a standard system upgrade is sufficient to effect the necessary changes.

Details follow:

Pavel Kankovsky discovered several buffer overflows in imlib. If an attacker tricked a user into loading a malicious image, he could exploit this to execute arbitrary code in the context of the user opening the image.

Source archives:
Size/MD5: 155048 6a726a3301c17b80645f762a49ec79dd
Size/MD5: 858 6df6a07c640ed10a9861ef51d2f9941b
Size/MD5: 748591 1fa54011e4e1db532d7eadae3ced6a8c

Architecture independent packages:
Size/MD5: 119788 820ec745edf123e562fef6a529fe0066

amd64 architecture (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon)
Size/MD5: 74044 9498a476c75668bb290b78ff0f10499d
Size/MD5: 88028 026f6c8a3332c143114055c802fd6238
Size/MD5: 262676 d2cfb05ccb80f7ee0c3421d6b32bcefa
Size/MD5: 83350 ee5d6556f221ec6d7fbc8ef3831637cd
Size/MD5: 78326 b264e46bb7b1a5b0105f1e05b55e3ede

i386 architecture (x86 compatible Intel/AMD)
Size/MD5: 66702 9a6380723513e8b97e47d889f4bc77a4
Size/MD5: 84630 b1fd13c9a41c7f969fff277be01eb670
Size/MD5: 261126 2505f74604fd9d9ad11584c693e58a51
Size/MD5: 77486 df24663c46e87bf32f88bfa566375c9a
Size/MD5: 75350 669d2d23c323b646f52a9e16cd204ef2

powerpc architecture (Apple Macintosh G3/G4/G5)
Size/MD5: 78980 68891cd661c8aac691f2af056a095de7
Size/MD5: 98918 f17e42a070e505924d505dcc72a50494
Size/MD5: 262648 7251f284c6cdd9776f32ca4c7df17758
Size/MD5: 89266 aabebd44262b402f3fd5f3f8aa4d75e2
Size/MD5: 80628 81b6945a2089885797ec25ccd19db7fe

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