USN-185-1: CUPS vulnerability
Posted on: 09/20/2005 02:12 AM

A new CUPS vulnerability update is available for Ubuntu Linux. Here the announcement:

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-185-1 September 20, 2005
cupsys vulnerability

A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog)

The following packages are affected:


The problem can be corrected by upgrading the affected package to
version 1.1.20final+cvs20040330-4ubuntu16.5. In general, a standard
system upgrade is sufficient to effect the necessary changes.

Details follow:

A flaw was detected in the printer access control list checking in the
CUPS server. Printer names were compared in a case sensitive manner;
by modifying the capitalization of printer names, a remote attacker
could circumvent ACLs and print to printers he should not have access

The Ubuntu 5.04 version of cupsys is not vulnerable against this.

Source archives:
Size/MD5: 1353545 138b931a4e026cacf0870ca3eba49506
Size/MD5: 867 0475f922a395811f2d1b4a39fd02c240
Size/MD5: 5645146 5eb5983a71b26e4af841c26703fc2f79

amd64 architecture (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon)
Size/MD5: 59052 6d80f59e40a3cdccf88a64e6eb8e8818
Size/MD5: 107326 6ad4b6a8b600d874b5de169588db23f7
Size/MD5: 3614844 22bb4ae245e3983b54ffac479f9d11bd
Size/MD5: 62684 4a99fce77c094c644bb65701f544769b
Size/MD5: 53318 533e04c42b9cbb152d85760e09444b68
Size/MD5: 101814 ff09bf2b58473a1632115f4e2cf465bc
Size/MD5: 74864 c919425bc8e6262d6f82cb1576b651bf

i386 architecture (x86 compatible Intel/AMD)
Size/MD5: 58384 44200b1d889546564eb7b5e082dbf43b
Size/MD5: 105106 682977ac2a18684f47021a0ca22ed4a1
Size/MD5: 3603588 23983f6264ec0a023d238c08cccbecb5
Size/MD5: 62242 727919da03f41881e1f83e4b82f9cc8c
Size/MD5: 52900 259c429f529ebf82c822becdba40d22d
Size/MD5: 98450 2748c1390c494e4794ff496258a7f64c
Size/MD5: 72136 ea28e5097435eb43329420d3759af775

powerpc architecture (Apple Macintosh G3/G4/G5)
Size/MD5: 62964 4bba89312187f8a912b9bb8b8ffdb47a
Size/MD5: 114960 f47efaa57093742589f0321fb3e81b76
Size/MD5: 3633910 892c743ca13998b6e99b4703540349bd
Size/MD5: 61880 0a074b2e55c2da22209dd4794c8d17ea
Size/MD5: 55542 24d91159956370299a682efa35d06c60
Size/MD5: 101194 cad8689725abb30ef8ec4a1e26ad1c80
Size/MD5: 74976 9d36e438b667c49ebf99153a77464d37

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