USN-167-1: AWStats vulnerability
Posted on: 08/11/2005 05:31 PM

A new AWStats vulnerability update is available for Ubuntu Linux. Here the announcement:

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-167-1 August 11, 2005
awstats vulnerability

A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)

The following packages are affected:


The problem can be corrected by upgrading the affected package to
version 6.3-1ubuntu0.1. In general, a standard system upgrade is
sufficient to effect the necessary changes.

Details follow:

Peter Vreugdenhil discovered a command injection vulnerability in
AWStats. As part of the statistics reporting function, AWStats
displays information about the most common referrer values that caused
users to visit the website. Referer URLs could be crafted in a way
that they contained arbitrary Perl code which would have been executed
with the privileges of the web server as soon as some user visited the
referrer statistics page.

Source archives:
Size/MD5: 24959 f6170f04b4fd207198e9dc196ee75e4f
Size/MD5: 595 5d41b190ad3cb0de8df1269026a08be7
Size/MD5: 938794 edb73007530a5800d53b9f1f90c88053

Architecture independent packages:
Size/MD5: 726224 5a22e9eb2c651f1815dc9929bef53496

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