Updated CUPS packages for Red Hat Linux
Posted on: 05/27/2003 06:56 PM

Red Hat has released updated CUPS packages for Red Hat Linux

CUPS is a print spooler. CUPS is used as the default print spooler on new installations of Red Hat Linux 9, and has been provided (though not as the default) for Red Hat Linux 7.3 and Red Hat Linux 8.0.

Phil D'Amore of Red Hat discovered a vulnerability in the CUPS IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) implementation. The IPP implementation is single-threaded, which means only one request can be serviced at a time. An attacker could make a partial request that does not time out and therefore creates a denial of service. In order to exploit this bug, an attacker must have the ability to make a TCP connection to the IPP port (by default 631).

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