Unofficial Fedora FAQ Updated for Fedora 10
Posted on: 12/10/2008 08:02 PM

The Unofficial Fedora FAQ for Fedora 10 has been updated

There are lots of new changes and additions!

* With the combination of Fedora 10 and the new RPMFusion repository, there doesn't need to be a special yum configuration anymore! There are still instructions in the FAQ on how to configure yum to access rpmfusion, though.

* The Java plugin included in Fedora 10 seems to work well enough that installing the Sun Java package isn't needed.

* There's a networking (DNS) issue in Fedora 10 that some people are hitting, and I've added a FAQ question for that.

And of course, all of the other questions have been updated for Fedora 10, too.

Unofficial Fedora FAQ Updated for Fedora 10

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