Unofficial Fedora FAQ Update: 2009-01-30
Posted on: 02/02/2009 04:13 PM

The Unofficial Fedora FAQ has been updated

Hi Fedora Users! I've updated the Unofficial Fedora FAQ today. As always, you can find the FAQ at:

Here's what's changed since the last time I sent out an update:

* The ATI question has been updated to reflect that there are now working 3D drivers for Fedora 10.

* Some people experience sound cracking or popping on their machines. I've added instructions on what to do about it.

* Fixed the Flash instructions.

* Fixed the instructions for installing Windows fonts.

* Two new translations: German and Portuguese.

* The site's layout and style has changed--let me know what you think.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback! I'm also always interested if there are other frequently-asked questions that the FAQ should be dealing with, so let me know! To see how to contribute to the FAQ, look at:

I'd particularly like some new translations, also! If you'd be interested in translating the FAQ to your language, just let me know by sending me an email! (Remove the "_list" in the address I'm sending this message from.)


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