Unofficial FAQ Update: 2005-05-07
Posted on: 05/09/2005 09:02 AM

The Unofficial Fedora FAQ have been updated

Here's the stuff I've added/changed:

+ Totally re-wrote the Custom Java Installation Instructions
+ Added a link to Captive-NTFS for those who want to write to their NTFS drives
+ Added a link to a working floppy-install method.
+ Noted that ReiserFS installs need "selinux=0"
+ Added a new question that explains when the next version is coming out.
+ Added a link to the ATRpms w32codec package for mplayer users.
+ Added the kde-redhat key to the "GPG Signature" question
+ Noted where to actually *get* the Wine RPM.
+ Added a note to the ATI Radeon question about what to do if you have an Intel motherboard.

Also, I have two new translations! Polish, and Spanish!

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