Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 4 released
Posted on: 04/08/2014 09:56 PM

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 4 is now available. Here the announcement:

Open Virtual Desktop, the open source Cloud stack for application
delivery just got better! Ulteo are proud to announce availability of
OVD V4, the next major release that brings you broader compatibility,
extended management, enhanced user experience and better performance.

Highlights include:

- The introduction of SaaS and web application support alongside Windows
and Linux, delivers seamless integration of any application to any
device. Access using the new universal HTML5 based client, and because
of its zero install requirements, you can not only support your
transition to cloud delivery but also embrace initiatives such as BYOD
without compromise.

- The addition of Linux integration with Microsoft Active Directory
provides a single point of control and management for all OVD
applications and a new implementation of our LDAP management introduces
significant increases performance improvements.

- User experience is also enhanced with the release of session roaming,
'follow me' sessions allow users to move from one location to another
and switch from one device to another smoothly with dynamic display

This release comes at an exciting times for Ulteo and its progress in
the market, and we're receiving information requests on investment
opportunities at Ulteo. If you are also interested in such opportunities,
please contact us:

To find out more and try Open Virtual Desktop 4 for yourself go to:

The Ulteo Team

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