Ubuntu phones likely delayed to 2015
Posted on: 01/16/2014 10:10 AM

In a Reddit exchange, Canonicals Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon answered a commenters question about the expected arrival of phones running the new Ubuntu Touch interface

Ubuntu phones likely delayed to 2015

From LinuxGizmos.com:
Wrote Bacon: “This is a long road though with many components, and I would be surprised if we see anything like this before 2015.”

In the Reddit conversation, which was reported by the Register, Bacon said that Canonical has yet to sign up any major OEMs or carriers for the phone. “In the shorter-term there are smaller OEMs who serve a smaller region who see great opportunity in Ubuntu, and their costs and risk are smaller for them to trial a device,” writes Bacon. “This is where we will likely see the first handsets shipping.”

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