Ubuntu Breezy Colony CD 4
Posted on: 09/06/2005 02:04 AM

A new Ubuntu Breeze CD is now available:

Colony CD 4 is ready. This is the fourth in a series of milestone CD images that will be released throughout the Breezy development cycle, as images that are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD-build or installer bugs, while representing very current snapshots of Breezy. You can download it here:


See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive for access instructions.

This will be the last Colony CD release before the Breezy preview, so any testing you can provide is appreciated. If you test it, be sure to send us a report to ubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com.

Significant installer changes since Colony 3 include:

* Many fixes to the live CD, including usplash integration.

* GRUB tries harder to boot even when the BIOS fails to pass a boot
drive (#13511).

* APT configuration when the network is unavailable should now be much
faster (#8265).

* Drop inappropriate language fallbacks for Norwegian installs

* Many Colony 3 tests reported hangs while installing language support
packages; this was a combination of two bugs (not all the necessary
packages were being copied from CD, and sometimes apt's cron job was
coming round and deleting packages from the apt cache in the middle
of the install), both of which are now fixed.

(Apologies for anything important I've missed while on holiday.)

If you're interested in following changes as we further develop Breezy,
have a look at the breezy-changes list:


Bug reports should go here:


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