Ubuntu 4.10 Release Candidate
Posted on: 10/13/2004 05:53 PM

Ubuntu 4.10 (Release Candidate) has been released

Ubuntu is a new Linux distribution that brings together the extraordinary breadth of Debian with a fast and easy install, regular releases (every six months), a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of security and technical support for every release.

Less than a month ago, Ubuntu entered the Linux world with a preview release of its 4.10 distribution. The last month has seen extensive work by the Ubuntu community of testers, translators, contributors and coders. The result of this hard work can be seen in today's release:

Ubuntu 4.10 RC -- Codenamed "The Warty Warthog Release" (warty)

This release candidate contains a snapshot of Ubuntu that the Warty team thinks is ready to release. We believe this release is potentially the final Warty release, and are calling it a Release Candidate to encourage very widespread testing.


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