Ubuntu 11.10: Screenshot preview
Posted on: 07/11/2011 09:01 AM

LinuxBSDos.com posted a screenshot tour of Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2

Ubuntu 11.10: Screenshot preview

Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 was recently released for the brave and adventuresome to test. I did not do much of a testing, but ran the system in a virtual environment to see what it looks like. Aside from the kernel, there is really no major change, as far as I could tell, from the last stable release, which is Ubuntu 11.04. (See Ubuntu 11.04 review.)

Talking about the kernel, Ubuntu 11.10 should be shipping with Kernel 3.0 as you can see in this screenshot. By the way, this came about because I replaced GRUB with BURG using a slightly modified version of how to replace GRUB with BURG on Linux Mint 11.

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