TransGaming WineX 3.2 Released
Posted on: 11/18/2003 05:13 PM

TransGaming has released a new version of WineX

TransGaming Technologies’ release of its flagship Linux technology, WineX 3.2, brings the hottest Windows titles to devoted Linux gamers and includes support for blockbuster hits like Max Payne [R] 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Warcraft [R] III: The Frozen Throne [TM] and Homeworld 2, to name a few.

"Our groundbreaking portability development continues to keep pace with the industry’s recent and most challenging games written for Windows," remarks Peter Hunnisett, Manager of TransGaming’s Linux Development Team. "Dynamic sound, rich graphics and riveting game play are matched and, in some instances, surpassed with our WineX technology."

"TransGaming's unique ability to enable Max Payne 2 to run on Linux without any access to the source code is quite impressive," comments Markus Maki, Development Director of Remedy Entertainment. "We're extremely pleased that TransGaming is broadening our reach to new audiences and that the Linux community continues to enjoy our products thanks to TransGaming's outstanding work."

In addition to letting users play the most recent games on Linux, WineX 3.2 features many new sound, graphics and speed improvements; an update to OpenGL 1.4; improved game play and enhancements to favorites like Battlefield 1942 and Diablo II. Users will also enjoy a greatly reduced memory requirement for many games as demonstrated in BF1942 where usage has dropped from 1GB to 410MB.

WineX 3.2 is currently available in RPM, Debian and TGZ formats and ready for subscribers to download from the TransGaming web site at

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