The Unofficial Fedora FAQ Returns
Posted on: 06/25/2010 03:09 PM

Max Kanat-Alexander has updated his Unofficial Fedora FAQ for Fedora 11, 12, and 13

Fedora 13: The Unofficial Fedora® FAQ
Fedora 12: The Unofficial Fedora® FAQ - Fedora 12
Fedora 11: The Unofficial Fedora® FAQ - Fedora 11

As always, contains lots of straightforward and useful information on how to play DVDs, listen to MP3s, install Flash, and lots of answers to other frequently asked questions.

Do you know of anything that's being frequently asked about Fedora but isn't listed on Or did you find an error in one of the questions, or have a better idea for how one answer should go? Let me know! Instructions on contributing to the FAQ are here:

Contributing to the Unofficial Fedora FAQ

Enjoy! :-)


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