The Shuttle SB62G2 and Mandrake Linux - A Marriage Made In Heaven?
Posted on: 02/09/2004 04:20 AM

Sudhian Media has posted a review on the Shuttle SB62G2 and Mandrake Linux

Back in September of last year Shuttle released a joint press release with MandrakeSoft announcing a new partnership. In the future, all of Shuttle's barebone Network Appliance XPC products would ship with a free version of the popular Mandrake Linux distribution. Shuttle's chairman, David Yu, said at the time,

"Bundling Mandrake Linux with our Network Appliance XPC's delivers reliability and power - the exact formula today's savvy users want".

Mandrake's technology officer, Regis Wira, went even further saying,

"Shuttle's barebone Network Appliance XPC product line is the perfect platform for delivering and using Linux ... Putting these two best-of-class products together is a natural evolution of the PC. The synergy offers a stunning new level of performance and value."

Strong claims indeed, and something that until today has gone largely unnoticed amongst the online media.

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