The plans for Debian Etch
Posted on: 10/17/2005 05:56 AM

Steve Langasek has published the release plans for the next Debian version. Thanks Mark.

We had a release team meeting back in June to
discuss plans for etch, and have set a target date for the release in
December 2006. This is the timeline that we think will get us there:

N-117 = Mon 30 Jul 06: freeze essential toolchain, kernels
N-110 = Mon 7 Aug 06: freeze base, non-essential toolchain (including
e.g. cdbs)
N-105 = Mon 14 Aug 06: d-i RC [directly after base freeze]
N-45 = Wed 18 Oct 06: general freeze [about 2 months after base
freeze, d-i RC]
N = Mon 4 Dec 06: release [1.5 months for the general freeze]

The plans for Debian Etch

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