The GIMP 2.0.1
Posted on: 04/15/2004 03:32 PM

GIMP version 2.0.1 has been released

This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.0 series. The CVS tree has been branched after the release was made, so that development can proceed towards GIMP 2.2 which is scheduled for this summer.

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0.1
- don't leak file descriptor for the POSIX shm implementation (Yosh)
- fixed path tool undo (#138086, Mitch)
- don't transform drawables away (#138117, Mitch)
- fixed issues with guillotine plug-in (#138314, Joao, Mitch)
- fixed Slide script-fu (#138310, Nils Philippsen)
- don't allow removed items to be accessed thru the PDB (#138311, Mitch)
- skip fonts with invalid names (workaround for #132366, Sven)
- fixed Spinning Globe script-fu (#138253, Sven)
- fixed a bug in the IFSCompose plug-in (#138212, David Necas)
- fixed undo corruption with floating selections (Pedro, Mitch)
- fixed gimprc man-page (Sven)
- align JPEG setjump buffer on 16-byte boundary for ia64 (#138357, Yosh)
- fixed Alien Glow Arrow script-fu (#138524, Sven)
- fixed code that suppresses the transform tool grid (Simon)
- push an undo for changing the text layer modification flag (#137767, Mitch)
- make the user installation work with pixmap themes (#138379, Sven)
- register .jpe as extension for JPEG images (#138776, Bolsh)
- fixed issues with the Lighting Effects plug-in (#138788, William Skaggs)
- don't crash on color corrections on empty selections (#138973, Sven)
- made gimptool-2.0 create missing directories (#138980, Yosh)
- made undo names translatable (#139000, Sven)
- optimized grid drawing (#138081, Sven)
- don't create a gimptool link to gimptool-2.0 (#139024, Sven)
- sanitize rectangle and ellipse selection (#138237, #138103, Pedro)
- fixed problems with Copy-Visible and Drop-Shadow scripts (#138662, Pedro)
- fixed X server authentification problems with gimp-remote (#139158, Sven)
- let Script-Fu PDB marshallers handle NULL strings (#139386, Kevin Cozens)
- fixed rounding error in transformation code (#120490, William Skaggs)
- fixed winclipboard plug-in (Hans Breuer)
- fixed Python Slice script (Yosh)
- fixed configure check for Xmu (#139803, Sven)
- fixed crash when scaling up a floating selection (#138356, Mitch)
- use LC_MESSAGE for help localization (#139917, Sven)
- fixed imagemap file parsers (#139894)


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