Take Raspberry Pi, build your own private cloud
Posted on: 06/10/2014 08:50 AM

A start-up is working on a Raspberry Pi-based network attached storage device that can be used to set up a private cloud

Take Raspberry Pi, build your own private cloud

From ZDNet:
The startup Sher.ly is building a network-attached storage (NAS) device, the Sherlybox, that comes with its own peer-to-peer (P2P) virtual private network (VPN) and file server. With it, the company claims you can build your own private cloud.

The Sherlybox is still a work in progress. Its creators are relying on Kickstarter to get the Sherylbox off the ground.

The Sherylbox is built around the Raspberry Pi Model B computer. This SBC comes with 512 MB of RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, 802.11n Wi-FI, and a 100mb Ethernet port. Instead of just the naked board, the Sherylbox comes with a case, a 4GB eMMC flash drive, and an optional 1 TB hard-drive. The company claims that with external USB drives, it can support up to 127 USB drives.

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