SysCP 1.2.9
Posted on: 05/06/2005 04:24 PM

SysCP 1.2.8 has been released

SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their suddomains etc.

The following has been changed since release 1.2.8:

* Bugfix: In some cases all email adresses were deleted if a customer edited a domain, which was a topleveldomain and used for emailing at the same time. (bug #63)
* Bugfix: Authentification failed because of wrong permissions for the directory /etc/apache/htpasswds. (bug #61)
* Bugfix: Fixed little issues with ressource/domain counting.
* Bugfix: Removed a possible race condition from the cronscript's lockfile management.

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