SysCP 1.2.8
Posted on: 04/28/2005 03:04 AM

SysCP 1.2.8 has been released

SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their suddomains etc.

The following has been changed since release 1.2.7:

* Added extended domain handling: You can now define several options for a domain as an admin: Should bind act as nameserver for this domain, should the customer be able to edit the domain and should the customer be able to create emails for subdomains.
* Standardsubdomains of customers (eg web1.your-isp.wan) are now created as normal domains and therefore can be edited like normal ones (safemode on/off, openbasedir on/off etc.).
* Added enhancement to usability: Now the main domain will be printed above all associated subdomains or emails at the customerpanel.
* Added Catalan language pack. Thanks to Jordi Romero!
* .htaccess files are now moved to an apache configfile to make things easier and to enable customers to create their own .htaccess files.
* The mainadmin can now delete his emailtemplates; the languagefile will be used as fallback instead.
* Made the text areas at domainsettings grow in order to make things easier.
* Bugfix: In the create-customer-dialoge the profilelanguage of the current admin will be automatically selected as customerlanguage.
* Bugfix: Fixed little issue with the shown path in htaccess/htpasswd management in the customerpanel.
* Bugfix: Fixed a little issue in the webalizer_hist-function, which occured when webalizer was called with an access.log which didn't exist.
* Bugfix: In the customer overview the number of domains per customer is now displayed. (bug #35)
* Bugfix: IDN-Domains are now sorted correctly. (bug #36)
* Bugfix: Mailtemplates are now saved for every admin individually. (bug #37)
* Bugfix: Add/Edit domain in the Adminpanel now also recognize https-URL's as Documentroots correctly. (bug #42)
* Bugfix: A customer won't be able anymore to add "www." as a subdomain. (bug #45)
* Bugfix: Now the path to the email accounts will be IDN encoded. (bug #48)
* Bugfix: Added the servername to the dummy-virtualhost in vhosts.conf to prevent unmotivated redirects with apache2. (bug #55)

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