SysCP 1.2.16 released
Posted on: 02/07/2007 01:39 PM

SysCP 1.2.16 has been released:

Hello SysCP-community,

after the "breaking news" regarding the security hole last friday we decided to release SysCP 1.2.16 ahead of schedule. We also discovered another security hole and therefore we recommend to update your installation immediately! More about all security issues which were ever discovered in SysCP can be read at our new security page (

This isn't just a security-fix-release, but it also contains some new features. We heavily improved our sorting algorithm, so it now sorts in a human style, for example it was "web1 -> web12 -> web2", now it's "web1 -> web2 -> web12". Also the sorting on the customers' mail list is now fixed when choosing sort by "E-mail-address" or "Domain name" and certain e-mail-adress combinations. An admin/reseller could now also "su" into an account directly from the domain list and it's now possible to edit the name and email of your own admin account, even of the main admin. We backported several regular expressions from SysCP 1.3 (development branch) and restricted usernames in general to just contain upper/lowercase characters and numbers to ensure they work with all services.

We also added three new language files: Thanks to Bystrik Kacer for the slovak, Sander Klein for dutch and Laszlo (Laci) Puchner for the hungarian language package. We are proud to state that SysCP now provides localizations for 14 languages which cover more than 25 countries worldwide!

With this release the version check now also transmits the currently installed version. In this way we are now able to spread news about possible security holes more efficiently.

SysCP 1.2.16 can be downloaded from The direct link is:

Detailed information about all bugfixes and features in SysCP 1.2.16 can, as always, be found at our roadmap at

We hope you all enjoy using this new release,
Flo and the SysCP-Team

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