SysCP 1.2.14 RC3
Posted on: 08/14/2006 02:08 AM

SysCP 1.2.14 RC3 has been released

SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their subdomains etc.

I just want to give you a short notice that release candidate 3 of SysCP 1.2.14 was uploaded to our ftp server some minutes ago. Since the last two release candidates contained bugs we decided to release a new one.
Detailed information about this release is available at our roadmap ( ). In this release candidate we also able to add a russian language file, many thanks to Konstantin Samofejew! There are still some translations missing, so I'd kindly ask all people providing language files to support us with updates, so we can maintain to include a bunch of languages into SysCP.

We hope that this would be our last release candidate, but if you find any bugs, don't hesitate to inform us!
Thanks to all testers and bugreporters!

We wish you a happy testing  ;)
Flo and the SysCP-Team

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